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» I forgot my password. What can I do?
Go to Log in and click "Password forgotten". You'll receive an e-mail with a new password.
» I cannot buy tickets because I didn't receive an e-mail validation link. What can I do?
Please check your junk folder first. If you cannot find an e-mail from us there, please contact our support.
» Why does the app need to locate my position? What happens if I deny the request?
By locating your position we can show you stations nearby and give you better travel information. If you don't want to have your position located, this function will be disabled.
» Can I get a ticket for someone else?
Yes, simply add a second ticket to your cart or buy one directly after the other. Please be aware that you'll have to travel the entire trip together as both tickets will be available on your device only.
» How can I get an invoice?
First pick your ticket ("My tickets"), then click the three-dots-button and choose "receive invoice". It will then be sent to you via e-mail.
» How can I change my personal details?
Your name and/or address can be changed in the app. If you'd like to change your e-mail address, please contact our support.
» Can I buy a ticket in advance?
» What happens if my battery is empty?
Please make sure that your mobile device is ready for operation during your entire trip. If you cannot show a valid ticket, you will be charged a penalty fare.
» Can mobile tickets be transferred to another person?
Mobile tickets cannot be transferred. But it's possible to buy a ticket for other passengers (see above).
» Do I also get a BahnCard discount with the bwApp?
Yes. When buying tickets, you can choose which BahnCard you own in the input box "Passenger Type".